15 Reasons: Why I/We Love This Beautiful Game Of Football?

15 Reasons: Why I/We Love This Beautiful Game Of Football?

Football is the only sport that connects more than billions of life as it is the most-watched and most played sport in the planet earth. Many people fall in love with this beautiful game because of the simple nature of football; yet, it leaves a genius wondering.

As there are billions of fans of football, there are a billion reasons why one might fall in love with this beautiful game. It’s more than just a sport because there is art, philosophy, emotion, science, and a different world to football.

silhouette of a boy  - overhead kick at beach (sunset)

It is the epitome of team sport for football fans. 22 players competing for a ball under a strict time restriction makes it a very demanding and competitive sport. This increases the unpredictability of the game and this is the real reason for many to refer to it as a “beautiful game”.

But many fans argue that the real reason why it is termed the “beautiful game” is that it brings out every human emotion that they have in just 90 minutes. However, these are not the only reasons; like many eyes and minds that are watching and analyzing the game, there are different perspectives and different reasons why it is viewed as a beautiful game.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

It is impossible to express the feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a single blog about football. However, I have attempted to put together the most common reasons why one might fall in love with this game of football.

1. Played the game

99% of the football fans have played football at some stage of their life. And that's when we felt the joy, beauty, freedom, and passion from the game and couldn't give up these feelings.

Even though we have retired from our playing days due to various reasons, we still enjoy the thrill, experience, and joy through our favorite player or club.

Football bot on the ball - Football playing

2. Universal

This is the sport that is accessible and made for all human beings. You just need a ball and you can start anywhere, be it inside a house, streets, on the bank of the river, rooftop, and any place on the earth, you name it (including Antarctica).

3. Language

Football has its language. You don't need to know the language to play it in any country.

I have a firsthand experience of this while living in the countries (China and Thailand) where I couldn’t speak the language but it didn’t matter; while playing, everyone was on the same wavelength.

4. Art

It is an art in the process for 90 minutes or more (depending on the extra time). The players, managers, and fans are the artists at work that can watch/participate/contribute in real-time.

Football is mostly referred to as a blank canvas that gets painted as the game goes by. Skills, pass, linkup plays, free kicks, tackle, last-ditch challenge, goal-line clearance, fouls, build-up, vision, and everything fits perfectly to produce the masterpiece.

Playing football is simple but playing simple football is the hardest thing - John Cruyff

5. Non-science and Science

There is science and reason behind every kick and goal in the match yet it is unpredictable. You can find all the laws and theorem here yet all fail to describe or apprehend them completely.

For science lovers, there is much more. For example, you don't need to dive into thick textbooks to understand time and relativity. Just watch your team that is leading or losing with a 1-0 scoreline in the 88th minute, you'll understand relativity in a greater depth.

6. Dream

Whether you are a kid or an old man, this gives you an equal opportunity to live the dream.

This beautiful game lets us dream and live that dream in someone else’s shoes. And, dreams are what keeps you alive. 
Keep dreaming!

7. Rollercoaster Ride

I am not a fan of physical “real” rollercoaster but this one is different. We get to experience all the possible human emotions in a single football match. You feel the ups and downs, anger and joy, disappointment to being awe-struck in just 90 minutes. I find it hard to think of a human emotion that can’t be experienced in a football match.

Rollercoaster of emotions

8. Unites people

Football unites the whole world as a community. People from different backgrounds and cultures have come together to work for a purpose on different occasions. Fans across the world have united and fought for different causes, recently against European Super League.


Football has helped the people in need and changed many lives. A huge audience is drawn to this sport so, it can change the life of millions of people if it is lead in the right way.

Yet, some people are still crippled and let racism live inside them. How hard is it to understand the beauty of different colors and backgrounds?

9. Part of our life

Football has been a part of our life. In all the conversations and life events from school to working life, it has been ever-present and will continue to do so in the future as well. It has forged new friendships and worked as an ice-breaker in many occasions.

10. Competitive nature

Football is a highly competitive sport. 22 players contesting for a single ball for 90 minutes makes it fun to play and watch. Any error from any team member can decide the outcome of the game. So, it has to be well-coordinated and well organized to achieve the desired outcome for any team.

The competition for the title, survival, and rivalry makes it a great sight to watch and participate in.

11. Unpredictability

Unpredictability is one of the major reasons for loving this beautiful game. Because the other team that is considered an “underdog” has an equal chance to win against the team that might look unbeatable on the paper. But the variables at the play can change at any time. And generally, the outcome is not what was predicted in the first place.

Chelsea's Drogba carrying Champions League Trophy after winning it in 2012
Source: WikiCommons

12. Asia Special

If you live in Asia then you are in for the extra dose. All of the UCL games and midweek fixtures are at midnight. Watching the game while the rest of the world around us is in deep sleep is also something extraordinary that appeals.

13. Medicine

If you are playing or watching the game, you forget all your worries, exams, stress, and everything ( for 90 minutes). I bet this reason alone is enough to persuade anyone who is not into football.
Football is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself. .. Football is freedom. - Bob Marley

14. Life lessons

You can be a chess master and still learn one or a few things or you can be a 5-years old and enjoy in awe. It all depends on how you view the game and this is different for each person.

Also, football correlates with our real life in many ways. There are times in life when we win, when we lose or when we have to compromise (Win, Lose or Draw). 

Cooperation, sacrifice, creativity, trust, bond, friendship, leadership, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, communication, goal setting, and many other skills are there to be learned from this game.

15. Open playground for everyone

Everyone can play. It's people's game. You don't have to be physically strong, genius, or good-looking. The only thing that is required is the desire and love for the game.

Recently, there have been attempts like European Super League to restrict its accessibility. ESL has collapsed for now but fans have to be on their toes to let something like this from again.

FIFA World Cup 2022 trophy and Money

Despite the efforts from UEFA, FIFA, the European Super League, and officials to destroy this beautiful game of football, it has withstood with fans for a long time. And, I hope it will continue to do so.

ESL has collapsed and I hope FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar will collapse too. I don’t have a problem with the tournament but with the venue and host country. For me, this world cup represents something that is completely against why I/we love football.

To be honest, I still don't know why I love this game so much. These reasons were later perceived. 

Why do you love football ? What are your reasons for watching/playing/supporting this beautiful game of football ? Feel free to express them in the comment section !

Thank you for your visit. I hope everything was clear, if not please do not hesitate to contact me for suggestions or queries regarding this topic. Honest feedback is highly appreciated. You can contact me via “ashishworks2020@gmail.com “. Thanks again.

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