European Super League (ESL): A Genuine Threat or The Future of Football? And, Is It Dead?

European Super League (ESL): A Genuine Threat or The Future of Football? And, Is It Dead?

Football fans were not wishing for more chaos as the world is already in one. "European Super League Company - ESL" created something shameful that will have surely taken all the love people have for the game if it was approved with its current structure and rules. So, is the European Super League threat to football, and is it dead, or the future of the game?

No, it is not dead. It has just collapsed after the Big Six teams of England withdrew for now and many experts believe it will be a reality sooner than later because of the money involved in it. The clubs are looking to challenge UEFA in one way or another. Because many believe that FIFA and UEFA have sucked the life out of football to such an extent that fans are prepared to let everything burn.

UEFA, FIFA, and the people running them are also money-minded like the owners of the clubs involved in ESL. To prove the above point: the UEFA president has increased his salary every year after he has been elected [1]. It’s even laughable at times that these very people blame others for their greed. The only difference is that they are doing it in a less obvious manner but they are also doing the same thing as the greedy owners of the football clubs.

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Take the Financial Fair Play; for example, this was so hyped a few years earlier but it did not punish or stopped any club from carrying out their regular business and it is halted now due to COVID-19. Also, the new format of the UCL and UEL is no different from the ESL for the small clubs. 

Why ESL faced the backlash but it is not dead

After the announcement of ESL, the very existence of football and the reason why people love football has been threatened to its core. There's already discrimination, racism, corruption, and many more things that are ensuing in the football world but ESL tops the list in many ways.

Let’s start with what’s wrong with ESL first. Superleague – also dubbed as "The league of elites" will only have 20 teams. So-called "15 Founding teams" would have absolute power and authority. These clubs will get the majority of the money generated and they’ll govern the tournament. There's no relegation and promotion for the founding clubs.[2]

Why do the world and the people have to suffer just because of the financial greed of football club owners, UEFA and FIFA?

Some of the teams that were the founding members of ESL have been below par for many seasons now yet they are guaranteed a spot in ESL every year and this very aspect made it very unappealing, as there is no motivation for competition other than money for the club owners.

This unfair advantage to the 15 clubs would kill the football at an exponential rate as the difference between the clubs participating in the Superleague and other clubs will be unmatchable. The profit that the owners will get from ESL will be a guaranteed profit as it is unconcerned with performance. 

Football clubs will be more reluctant in upgrading the training facility, stadium, or making any major signing because of the automatic spot in ESL as the founding member. This disgraceful idea kills the competition from the games and domestic league games won’t be enjoyable as it is now. It's enjoyable due to the factor of uncertainty. The very idea that it is not based on effort and reward made it flawed.

It's hard for anyone to see any other reason than money as the only motivating factor for the European Super League. The founders of ESL can debate all day long but the fact that it is only motivated by the greed of the owners is quite visible.

The grassroots level that is barely surviving after COVID-19's impact will certainly die in the long run. People will stop dreaming that they could make big one day and as the dreams die, people who love this beautiful game and the game itself will die. And, this will happen very swiftly.

One of the reasons why people love football is because it's an open field for everyone. There's a motivation to be the best and succeed. The footballing upsets that we all love are one of the main reasons why we all watch football, as it is very relatable to human lives. 

"If you work hard and give your best, you can make it big one day and achieve the things that you’ve desired” is a relatable belief that everyone has with football. But with ESL, these emotions and dreams will be hindered. And, without emotions and dreams, football is nothing!

This video might become reality in a very short span. This beautiful game will be similar to the above video where robots will compete against each other in an empty stadium. There will be no risk for the clubs and players involved in ESL as the automatic spot is guaranteed and it will take the sting out of the game. What kind of game it will be where the result won’t matter? 

Friendly games will be more entertaining than these games. Not a single soul will be seen or interested in this type of game and this is very real in few years if we go down this path.

There’s huge respect and praise for the clubs that declined the offer to join ESL as it showed that they care for their fans and football in general rather than money. This happened because their fans had their say in the decision making process. 

Noone can decline the fact that money is the key player in today's football industry. And football industry itself is a major stakeholder in today’s economy. All the clubs and their owners are investing in players, coaches, facilities, stadiums, and many more things just to generate more revenue, to compete, and expand their fanbase. This approach might not be fair and equal to all the clubs but it still gives every club and player a chance to compete. But with ESL, you don’t even get a chance to compete. The ESL is like a “get rich quick scheme” that will destroy many lives, dreams, and love for the game.

Tweet displaying the reality of football broadcasters
Double Standard by Sky and others (Credit: Paul Macdonald)

ESL might become a reality if the attitude of UEFA and broadcasters doesn’t change with a major change in structure, rules, and distributing the revenue streams. The new format announced by UEFA for UCL and UEL is similar to ESL in many ways as it makes impossible for the small clubs to compete. This new approach proposed by UEFA will lead to the same end as the ESL and will kill the game.

If Qatar can host a World cup then ESL becoming a reality is not a far-fetched picture. When money talks, everybody listens! And, this is the sad reality!

Final Words ( Personal)

First and foremost, I am a football fan before a club fan. I wouldn't be a Chelsea fan today if I didn't love football. So, anything that threatens the nature, love, and beauty of this beautiful game won't be acceptable for me.

I have been a Chelsea fan for a long time now and this has to be the saddest day in my journey. This news hurt more than John Terry's penalty slip in the Champions League Final against Manchester United. The pain caused by the slip remained for a very long time but it has healed with time but this disgraceful act to take part in ESL will be in my memory forever.

The atrocity of the clubs involved is shameful and disgraceful. For the first time, I didn't care whether Chelsea will win or lose against Brighton (I wrote this before the Brighton game). The mere idea of ESL had created a sense of frustration and anxiety that the result or match didn't matter anymore.

Backlash and protests from the fans have stopped the European Super League for now but the question is for how long before it becomes the new norm?
Greed is the root of all evil!

P.S. What do you think about new format announced by UCL and UEL ? Do you think it is similar to ESL and makes ESL look better ? 

On another note, I have made up my mind to boycott the Qatar World Cup 2022 because of the inhuman act done by the FIFA and Qatar government. What about you ?

Thank you for your visit. I hope everything was clear, if not please do not hesitate to contact me for suggestions or queries regarding this topic. Honest feedback is highly appreciated. You can contact me via “ “. Thanks again.

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